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Abstract: Phase change materials (PCMs) are materials that store thermal energy and undergo phase transitions when they are heated and cooled, making them effective alternatives to fossil fuels for building insulation. To determine the energy performance of PCMs in infrastructure it is important to understand their thermal characteristics. The transient plane heat source (TPS) method was used to determine the thermal conductivity of the PCMs ClemSel 21 and ClemSel 24. The thermal conductivities of the melted samples were higher than the lowest bulk density samples. The melted PCMs had better contact with the TPS sensor and gave more reliable results than the solid granule form. To test the thermal properties of granular PCMs more accurately in the future, sensors of varying sizes should be used but overall, TPS is an effective method for measuring thermal properties.

Reference: Proceedings of 10th Nordic Symposium on Building Physics (2014) 467-474