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Abstract: In this article, researchers used the sol-gel method to create a thermally conductive phase change material (PCM), paraffin/silicon dioxide (SiO2)/expanded graphite (EG) composite. This PCM is composed of a supporting material, silica gel, and a thermally conductive material, expanded graphite. Thermal properties, such as conductivity and diffusivity were determined experimentally, and a differential scanning calorimeter was used to characterize the melting temperature and latent heat of the PCM. Experimental testing determined that the thermal conductivity of the paraffin/SiO2 composite was 28.2% higher than that of paraffin alone. On the same note, the SiO2/paraffin/EG composite was 94.7% higher than that of paraffin.

Reference: Applied Energy 92, (2012) 456-461

DOI: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2011.11.018