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Abstract: Previously, the thermal conductivity of extruded monoliths, ceramic foams and metal structures were determined for their application as open volumetric receivers in concentrated solar radiation. Volumetric receivers contain a porous material, which is ultimately heated through solar radiation. The pores allow ambient air flow through the material, which will eventually reach a temperature of 700˚C. This heat is then used to feed the steam turbine process. Understanding the effect of heat transfer, and therefore thermal conductivity, of the volumetric receivers is key when referring to efficiency. In this study, a TPS system was used to determine the thermal conductivities of various geometric versions, of various porous materials, to be selected for their use as efficient volumetric receivers.

Reference: Energy, 29, 5-6 (2004) 823-833

DOI: 10.1016/S0360-5442(03)00188-9