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Abstract: Nanostructured SnSe was created using hydrothermal methods and sintering in an evacuated-and-encapsulated ampoule. The effects of the synthesis and thermoelectric properties of SnSe using hydrothermal synthesis at low temperatures followed by evacuating-and-encapsulating sintering were then further investigated to determine their viability. One of the investigations centered around determining the thermal conductivities of the samples. The anisotropy of the thermal conductivity of the pressed polycrystalline SnSe was measured using the transient plane source (TPS) techniques through the use of the anisotropic module of a thermal constants analyzer. It was determined that SnSe shows very low thermal conductivity and that the thermal conductivity decreases with decreasing sintering temperature.

Reference: Journal of Materials Science (2017), 52:9728-9738

DOI: 10.1007/s10853-017-1129-z