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Abstract: There is a growing concern for finding alternative solutions to construction materials in order to minimize their environmental impact as well as enhancing their service life. This study investigated the durability of cementitious mortars prepared by replacing fine aggregate (sand) with recycled tyre shreds and crumbs, aiming at providing an alternative outlet to tyre waste disposal. Tyre shreds obtained at different particle sizes, from fibres of 0.5–5.0 mm to crumbs of 0.1–0.85 mm in diameter, were used as fine aggregate replacement at 20% by volume. The strength of the mortar samples, their thermal conductivity and their water absorption rate were tested at the age of 28 days and after 20 freeze/thaw cycles. The results showed that the mortar containing tyre crumbs at lower particle sizes resulted in negligible shrinkage, improved freeze/thaw resistance, a reduced water absorption by up to 52% and an improved thermal resistivity.

Reference: Materials 2023, 16(3), 1301

DOI: 10.3390/ma16031301