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Abstract: This article is based on research that has been done to improve hydrogen storage systems with on-board reversible metal hydrides. The study involved the compaction of the sodium aluminum hydride particles, as well as the addition of either aluminum or expanded natural graphite (ENG) to the powders to determine how their addition affects the thermal conductivity. It was found that the compaction of the powders improved the volumetric capacity of the tanks, but the pellets were less strong after multiple hydrogen absorption and desorption cycles. It was also found that the thermal conductivity of the mixtures is further enhanced when ENG is added than when aluminum is added. The hydrogen absorption rate was also investigated, and it was found that the rate of absorption in the powder and pellet forms were similar, so it was concluded that pressure gradients in the pellet did not affect the hydrogen absorption rate.

Reference: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 37, 3 (2012) 2756-2766

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijhydene.2011.02.005