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Abstract: The Hansen solubility of two polyols, soy-castor oil based polyol and petroleum-based polyol, were measured to determine their use in polyurethane blends. The two polyols were determined to be miscible over a temperature range of 25 – 90˚C. Multiple ratio blends were tested to prepare the polyurethane foams. It was determined that with an increase in polyol content, the density of the open cell foams was increased. Also, as the bio-content increased, the thermal conductivity and thermal stability of the mixture was enhanced, however the compression strength was negatively affected.  Overall, a method to evaluate polyol blends was created, while highlighting economic and environmental considerations.

Reference: ACS Sustainable Chemical Engineering, 3:4 (2015) 743–749

DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.5b00049