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Abstract: A new composite zeolite/foam aluminum material is synthesized and its suitability for use in an adsorptive refrigeration system is studied. Current automobile air conditioning systems use vapor compression refrigeration systems which have environmentally unfriendly chemicals and use a significant portion of the engine power of the vehicle. The newly proposed composite zeolite/foam aluminum would work by using the engines heat in order to run the air conditioning systems, reducing the stress on engine and recycling heat that was previously wasted. The major properties of the new composite that needed to be quantified were thermal conductivity as well as specific cooling power (SCP) and cooling coefficient of performance (COP). The new composite has much improved thermal conductivity compared to a plain zeolite system. A mathematical model for the composite zeolite/foam aluminum-water mass recovery adsorption refrigeration is prepared.

Reference: Energy Conversion and Management 50 (2009) 255-261

DOI: 10.1016/j.enconman.2008.09.022