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Abstract: This study suggested the use of capric acid–palmitic acid–stearic acid ternary eutectic mixture/expanded graphite (CA–PA–SA/EG) composite phase change material (PCM), as a low-temperature heat storage material. With a mass ratio of CA:PA:SA = 79.3 : 14.7 : 6.0, the mixture was prepared and its mass ratio compared to that of the CA-PA-SA/EG composite could reach as high as 90%. The melting temperature of the CA-PA-SA/EG composite was determined to be 21.33˚C, while the freezing temperature was 19.01 ˚C. Furthermore, the latent heat of this composite was noted to be 131.7 kJ kg-1 and 127.2 kJ kg-1, respectively. Compared to the CA-PA-SA compound, a considerably higher thermal conductivity was found when the CA-PA-SA/EG composite powder was transformed into blocks. Five hundred heating and cooling cycles were performed on the CA-PA-SA/EG composite and it was determined that the CA–PA–SA/EG composite PCM had an exceptional thermal reliability, therefore making it a strong candidate for low-temperature heat storage.

Reference: Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 87, (2016), 138–145

DOI: 10.1016/j.compositesa.2016.04.024