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Online monitoring of wax deposition in sub-sea pipelines

The authors have performed a study to determine if heat pulse wax monitoring is capable of measuring the wax thickness build-up in an oil pipeline. A numerical model was developed to simulate the heat pulse equipment and to predict the wax thickness based on the experimental results....

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Thermal property prediction and measurement of organic phase change materials in the liquid phase near the melting point

In this work, the authors tested five organic phase change materials for thermophysical properties (density, heat capacity, and thermal conductivity) in order to determine the best path to prediction (BPP) for the thermal diffusivity of organic PCMs in the liquid phase. Separate BPPs were determined for alkanes and unsaturated acids. The identified BPPs were then tested on a variety of materials and the estimated thermal diffusivity was within 15% for all ...

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Mechanistic Approach to Structural Fire Modeling of Composites

A thermo-mechanical property model for composites subjected to fire loading conditions was developed for the purpose of reducing testing time for prediction of the performance of new materials. The thermal diffusivity and conductivity were used to describe the thermal property evolution. A micro-mechanics based model was developed based on visco-elastic foundations for the prediction of rupture behaviour when the samples are compressed, and iso-thermal behaviour. The model was successful in ...

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Microthermal sensors for determining fluid composition and flow rate in fluidic systems

The use of sensors for the determination of content ratio in binary mixtures of fluids was investigated. The sensors were manufactured with various layouts of metal foil encapsulated by Kapton. Due to the difference in thermal conductivity between two fluids in a mixture, the thermal conductivity of the mixture is dependent on the ratio of the fluids. This method could be used in the future in Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (...

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Thermal Properties and Characterization of Methane Hydrates

The author presents a study done on methane hydrates to determine their thermal properties. Specifically, the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are investigated to determine if these hydrates would be suitable as an energy source....