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Thermal Property Measurements of Methane Hydrate Using a Transient Plane Source Technique

This article investigated the thermal properties of methane hydrates to understand their potential in energy applications and how they could affect the climate. The thermal analyzer was used in a high pressure situation to accurately measure the thermal properties of the methane hydrates. This system ...

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Thermal Properties and Characterization of Methane Hydrates

The author presents a study done on methane hydrates to determine their thermal properties. Specifically, the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are investigated to determine if these hydrates would be suitable as an energy source....


Thermal Conductivity of Methane Hydrate from Experiment and Molecular Simulation

Through the use of experimental (one-sided TPS technique) and theoretical (MD simulations) methods, the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of methane hydrate was studied. Varying concentrations of methane hydrate were studied. The effect of pressure on the thermal properties of methane hydrate was also studied ...

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