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Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Hydrate Sediment Sample

This conference paper describes extensive investigations performed on sediment cores containing methane hydrates recovered from beneath the sea floor. Great care was taken to perform thermal conductivity measurements at similar temperature and pressure to the natural conditions that these hydrates develop and are deposited in. Measurements were taken with the samples under both water saturated and gas saturated conditions. Thermal conductivity values obtained from both conditions at temperatures over the ...

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Thermal Property Measurements of Methane Hydrate Using a Transient Plane Source Technique

This article investigated the thermal properties of methane hydrates to understand their potential in energy applications and how they could affect the climate. The thermal analyzer was used in a high pressure situation to accurately measure the thermal properties of the methane hydrates. This system was modified by the researchers in order to perform in the high pressure situation. Additionally, an uncompacted methane hydrate sample was created in the sample ...

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Thermal Properties of a Supercooled Synthetic Sand-Water-Gas-Methane Hydrate Sample

The thermal properties of synthetic gas hydrate-bearing sediment samples were determined by the transient plane source method. The samples were made up of sand, water, gas, and methane hydrates, and these samples were supercooled to minimize the effects of the heat of fusion of methane hydrate on the thermal conductivity measurements. The thermal conductivity was found to increase with increasing methane hydrate saturation for saturations from 0-0.3. Thermophysical models were ...

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Thermal properties of methane hydrate-bearing sediments and surrounding mud recovered from Nankai Trough wells

Thermal properties of methane hydrate-bearing sediment samples taken from the Nankai Trough, Japan were investigated using the transient plane source method. It was determined that the thermal conductivity of these sediment samples decreased with increasing porosity, but increased with increasing methane hydrate saturation. The thermal diffusivity of the samples increased slightly with increasing porosity, but was almost independent of methane hydrate saturation. It was also found that the specific heat ...

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Thermal Properties and Characterization of Methane Hydrates

The author presents a study done on methane hydrates to determine their thermal properties. Specifically, the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity are investigated to determine if these hydrates would be suitable as an energy source....