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Measuring the Effects of Moisture Wicking Fabrics and Thermal Effusivity

August 11, 2020


Jeff Retallick


Benjamin Brook


In this webinar featuring Moisture Wicking Fabrics, we discuss our findings on the effects of moisture wicking fabrics and cool feel performance wear using the Thermal Effusivity Meter (TPS-EFF). Our focus is determining if the TPS-EFF can assist in selecting cool feel materials to be used in athletic wear with varying moisture levels.

About the Speaker

Jeff Retallick is a Applications Scientist at Thermtest with a MSc. In Chemistry from the University of New Brunswick. Our second speaker is Benjamin Brook, the COO of Bon-Mar Textiles Inc., the parent company of ActiCool Apparel. Benjamin Brook has many years of experience working with textiles and the development of cool feel performance wear.

Tags: Thermal Effusivity, Thermal Effusance, Moisture Wicking Fabrics, Cool to Touch Fabrics, ASTM D7984, TPS-EFF

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