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Measuring the Effects of Moisture Wicking Fabrics and Thermal Effusivity​


In this webinar featuring Moisture Wicking Fabrics, we discuss our findings on the effects of moisture wicking fabrics and cool feel performance wear using the Thermal Effusivity Meter (TPS-EFF). Our focus is determining if the TPS-EFF can assist in selecting cool feel materials to be used in athletic wear with varying moisture levels. For measuring the warm feel or cool touch of materials: TPS-EFF.

About the Speaker

Jeff Retallick is a Applications Scientist at Thermtest with a MSc. In Chemistry from the University of New Brunswick. Our second speaker is Benjamin Brook, the COO of Bon-Mar Textiles Inc., the parent company of ActiCool Apparel. Benjamin Brook has many years of experience working with textiles and the development of cool feel performance wear.

Tags: Thermal Effusivity, Thermal Effusance, Moisture Wicking Fabrics, Cool to Touch Fabrics, ASTM D7984, TPS-EFF