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Testing at High Temperature with the GHFM-01

October 6, 2021


Dale Hume


Mitchell Robinson


In this webinar, Dale Hume dives into testing materials at high temperatures with Thermtest’s new Guarded Heat Flow Meter-01. The advanced GHFM-01 is a primary measurement of thermal resistance—thermal conductivity for solids, such as metals, polymers, composites, and paste. Specifically, the calculation of thermal conductivity from the measurement of thermal resistance is the most accurate method of testing the true thermal conductivity of heterogeneous materials. The steady-state measurement of thermal resistance represents the full sample thickness and mature heat transfer properties. According to the method, the sample is subjected to a steady-state through-thickness temperature gradient. The thermal conductivity of the sample is obtained by measuring the temperature difference across it, and one additional temperature.

About the Speaker

Dale Hume has more than twenty years of thermal conductivity testing experience, with knowledge across several testing methods and applications.


October 6th, 2021

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