Trade-In Program

Thermtest offers a great trade-in program. Whether it is an upgrade of Thermtest product or competitors’ products that did not fulfill your application requirements, we can help.
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What is the trade-in program?
Answer: Return your old Thermtest or competitors testing equipment for a discount on new Thermtest products.
Who uses the trade-in program?
Answer: Existing Thermtest customers as well as users of competitive thermal conductivity testing instrumentation.
What products are available for the trade-in program?
Answer: All laboratory and portable products are available for trade-in program.
What is the discount range?
Answer: Depending on the details of the trade-in, the discount range can be from 20% to 60%.
What can I trade-in?
Answer: All Thermtest products as well as competitive testing instruments.
How successful has the program been?
Answer: To date, several Thermtest and competitive instruments have been upgraded and traded-in. Customers have benefited from not only substantial discounts, also from improved testing situation from new Thermtest instrumentation.