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TGA-1000 TGA-1500 Thermogravimetric Analyzer

Thermogravimetric Analyzer
Thermal Analysis

Conforms to ISO and ASTM standards

The Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA-1000/1500 is a thermal analysis instrument that measures weight changes as a function of temperature or time. The system allows for multiple heating, cooling, and isothermal segments to be linked together to achieve a complex profile. Automatic gas switching is also supported during the temperature program. The vertical hangdown design offers stable and smooth weight readings to be recorded during the experiment. The TGA’s small mass furnace responds quickly to changes in the temperature profile and cools down quickly for fast turn around between experiments. Typical analyses for a TGA-1000/1500 include percent weight loss, onset temperature calculations and residual weight.
The TGA utilizes the advanced and easy to use Infinity Pro Windows software. The acquisition program sets up the experiment and plots the real-time data. The Analysis program performs all calculations and provides hard copy outputs.
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    The TGA-1000/1500 utilizes a small micro furnace with a very small swept volume which allows rapid heating rates and excellent atmosphere control.


    Read about the Thermogravimetric Analyzers TGA-1000/1500 Specifications.

    TGA Accessories

    The TGA-1000 and TGA-1500 has been developed in conjunction with the powerful Infinity Pro software to provide superior performance.

    TGA Brochure

    Learn more about thermogravimetric analyzer features and detail information by downloading the brochure.

    Uses of Thermogravimetric Analysis

    thermogravimetric analyzer

    Uses of TGA

    • Thermal Stability
    • Pyrolysis
    • Oxidation
    • Dehydration
    • Decomposition
    • Kinetics
    • Combustion
    • Moisture
    • Residue or ash
    • Research
    • Quality Control

    Thermogravimetric Analyzer Capabilities

    Our TGA-1000/1500 utilizes a small micro furnace with a very small swept volume. This allows for rapid heating rates and excellent atmosphere control. The dual purge system allows for quick gas switching and is plumbed in full stainless to keep Oxygen out of the system. A variety of TGA-1000/1500 pans gives the user a choice of sizes and materials to best suit the materials being tested. The proprietary micro balance is very stable and has excellent precision making for smooth high-resolution weight results. With a 24 bit Analog to Digital converter, all temperature and weight readings are ultra precise. The TGA-1000/1500 is fully controlled by Infinity Pro Windows based software and real time plots show what is happening during the experiment. Background operation allows multiple analyzers to be run at the same time and data analysis to be performed at anytime. TGA-1000/1500 is commonly used to determine characteristics of materials such as polymers, to determine degradation temperatures, absorbed moisture content of materials, the level of inorganic and organic components in materials, decomposition points of explosives, and solvent residues. Both TGA units excel in performance making them a valuable tool in the lab. Both require very low maintenance and are quickly calibrated by the operator.

    • Simplicity of operation
    • Ultra high resolution
    • Dual purge system
    • Motor driven furnance
    • Easy sample loading
    • Water cooled furnance
    • Fast sample turn around
    • Auto tare feature built in
    • Corrosion resistant system
    • Evolved gas analysis option

    TGA-1000/1500 Specifications




    Temperature Range Ambient to 1000°C Ambient to 1500°C
    Programmed Rate 0.1 – 300°C/min 0.1 – 60°C/min
    Temperature Segments 10 Segments 10 Segments
    Weight Range 400mg 400mg
    Resolutions 0.1 ug 0.1 ug
    Thermocouple Type K Type R
    Furnace Type Nichrome Platinum Rhodium

    TGA-1000/1500 Accessories


    tga Infinity Pro
    The Infinity Pro software is a powerful thermal analysis program which is flexible and easy to use. Today’s thermal analyst will appreciate the tools incorporated into the software to analyze their materials.


    • Windows based for easy operation
    • Provides a cost effective upgrade using
    • existing thermal analyzers
    • Multiple Instrument operation
    • Supports DSC,TGA analysis


    differential scanning calorimetry Infinity Pro
    • Wide range of cooling options
    • Assortment of pans and crimping options
    • Gas switching

    Download TGA-1000/1500 Brochure