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Abstract: Presently, society has become infatuated with limiting their carbon-foot print. As this progresses, scientists must find alternative means for manufactured composites: natural composites. One way this has been put forth is the addition of betel nut husk (BNH) as a reinforcing material in vinyl ester (VE) matrices (polymer composites). Thermophysical tests were conducted, using a TPS sensor, to determine the thermal properties of the composites. Mechanical and thermal degradation tests were also performed. The test results revealed that as the number of BNH fibers added to the VE matrix increased, the thermal conductivity and diffusivity of the composite decreased. The lowest thermal conductivity was observed in the short fiber BNH-VE composite. Also, as the number of BNH fibers added increased, a decrease in the flexural strength and flexural modulus of the composite was seen. Based on these results, short fiber betel nut husks can be used as reinforcing materials in thermal insulative composites.

Reference: Polymer Composites 37: 7 (2016) 2008–2017

DOI: 10.1002/pc.23379