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Abstract: Three techniques were compared for the determination of thermal conductivity in poly-alpha-olefin (PAO)-based nanofluids. The three methods that were used were the transient hot wire, transient plane source, and laser flash techniques. The effects of temperature, nanoparticle concentration, and shape on the thermal conductivity were also examined, and these effects were compared to those predicted by a previously determined model. It was found that the transient hot wire technique was the most accurate method for measuring the thermal conductivity of nanofluids, increasing the concentration of nanoparticles increased the thermal conductivity of the nanofluids, and that the shape of the nanoparticles had a weak impact on the thermal conductivity. Temperature was not found to have any significant influence on the thermal conductivity of the nanofluids that were tested.

Reference: Master's Thesis, University of Dayton (2010)