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Abstract: The thermal conductivity of polyamide 12 (also known as nylon 12) in loose powder and bulk forms were determined at varying temperatures. The authors stated that there was a lack of information available on the thermal conductivity of this polymer, which is necessary for assessing the material’s performance during laser sintering. It was determined that the thermal conductivity of the powder increased with increasing temperature, while the thermal conductivity of the bulk form of the material increased at first, and then decreased with increasing temperature. It was also determined that the thermal conductivity of the loose powder was proportional to its density, and that caked powder that had been previously heated had a higher thermal conductivity than the fresh powder. However, when the caked powder was mechanically crushed to a similar density as the fresh powder, it performed similarly to the fresh powder.

Reference: Submitted to: 2011 Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, August 8-10, 2011. Austin, Texas.