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Abstract: Titanium is used in surgical tools and bone implants because it is strong, has a low density, is resistant against corrosion, and most importantly has a high biocompatibility which reduces the risk of implant rejection. The Transient Plane Source (TPS) method was used to generate a temperature difference curve comparing 2 x 2 inch electrospun coated sheets of Titanium to bone. Results showed that Titanium had a higher thermal conductivity than bone, and if bone is exposed to high temperature liquids for a substantial length of time, irreversible damage can occur. It was also found that the electrospun Titanium can reach high thermal conductivity levels, and the fibers can act as an insulating layer to protect new implants from high temperature beverages. These results will help to improve implants and lead to higher rates of biocompatibility in the future.

Reference: Journal of Applied Physics, 120, 8 (2016) 084304-1- 084304-8

DOI: 10.1063/1.4961537