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Abstract: This article aimed to compare the thermal conductivity of expanded glass granulate at high temperature ranges using a variety of steady state and transient testing methods (Guarded Hot Plate, Heat Flow Meter, Pipe Tester, Sphere, Hot Wire, Transient Hot Bridge). The thermal conductivity of the expanded glass granulates was determined from 170°C to 530°C with the different methods and apparatuses. The thermal conductivity was found to have increased from about 0.030 W/mK to 0.160 W/mK within this temperature range. The comparison of the thermal conductivity values with the voluntary surveillance system of technical insulation material in Europe (VDI/Keymark) reference curve indicated a very good compliance (within 2-4%).

Reference: International Journal of Thermal Sciences (2015), 95:99–105

DOI: 10.1016/j.ijthermalsci.2015.04.004