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Abstract: Clay aerogels are typically used for insulation, filtration and absorption, and are typically favored because of their eco-friendly nature, low density and high porosity. Unfortunately, these aerogels are limiting due to their relatively high fragility. Researchers in this study aimed to create fracture-free pectin/clay aerogel monoliths. In this process, water was used as the solvent and montmorillonite as the solute. Morphologies, thermal stability and conductivity of the monoliths were determined using an array of technique, concluding that the addition of pectin to the clay contents enhances the mechanical structure of the aerogel. This new and improved structure, a higher number of smaller pores, allowed for a low thermal conductivity, which inevitably improves the thermal insulation for various commercial operations.

Reference: Materials Research Innovations, 19:2 (2015) 46-51

DOI: 10.1179/1432891714Z.0000000001060