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Abstract: This article studied the microstructural features of thorium-52 wt.% uranium alloy (Th-52U). Several thermal properties were also evaluated to assess the use of this alloy as a prospective fuel. The transient plane source (TPS) technique was used for evaluating the thermal conductivity of Th-52U alloy using slab specimen geometry. The experimentally determined thermal conductivity value of Th-52U alloy was found to be 25.6 W/m°C, which is close to that of unalloyed uranium. Due to its non-age hardenable microstructure, appreciable thermal conductivity, and moderate thermal expansion, Th-52U may be used for metallic fuel applications in nuclear reactors.

Reference: Journal of Nuclear Materials (2016), 480:223-234

DOI: 10.1016/j.jnucmat.2016.08.021