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Abstract: This article studied a new asphalt pavement patch repair method that used dynamic infrared pre-heating. The thermophysical properties of the asphalt mixture were measured because they affect heat transfer and storage inside the pavement initiated by the absorbed radiation energy of radiative heat application on the surface of the pavement. One of these thermophysical properties, thermal conductivity, was measuring using the transient line source (TLS) method. From the TLS method, it was found that the thermal conductivity of the asphalt slabs ranged from 0.98 W/m K to 1.24 W/m K. These results show that the thermal conductivity was significantly affected by the high percentage of air voids in the slabs.

Reference: Construction and Building Materials (2018), 188:178-197

DOI: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2018.08.086