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Thermal properties of asphalt concrete: A numerical and experimental study

Asphalt concrete must often endure a range of different weather conditions, and its thermal conductivity is affected by these changes. Using the Finite Element Method (FEM), this paper develops a two-dimensional numerical model used to study and predict environmental effects and validates it through experimental results from the transient plane source method. It was also shown that an increase in the ratio of the TPS sensor size to the maximum ...

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A practical cryogenic resistive sensor for thermal conductivity measurements

As technology advances, so must our methods. One of the most important aspects when working with physical instruments is to maintain heat flow in the desired direction. The transient plane source is a single unit that produces heat while doubling as a temperature sensor, so it is an excellent way to control and monitor the movement of heat without loss to the environment. The sensors for the TPS model are ...

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Thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of thin samples from transient measurements with TPS sensors

Using TPS sensors, the thermal conductivity, diffusivity and specific heat of thin samples of metallic materials have been measured. The article highlights that the TPS method can accurately predict the thermal properties of small sample sizes. In addition, specific heat capacity can be measured using slightly longer experiments. The measured properties agree with their literature values, and have high precision....