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Transient plane source (tps) sensors for simultaneous measurements of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of insulators, fluids and conductors

This article describes the design, theory, advantages, and limitations of the TPS technique with a modified bridge. It also describes testing that has been done using the technique on a variety of solid materials from temperatures of 77 K to 1000 K. It was found that at any temperature, the testing was highly accurate, with a deviation of less than 2% when compared to recommended values....

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Effect of cobalt doping on thermal conductivity of YBa2Cu3O7-delta superconductor

A YBa2Cu3O7-delta superconductor was prepared, as well as a version doped with cobalt. These materials were then analyzed using the transient plane source (TPS) technique to determine thermal conductivity. Doping with cobalt resulted in a lower thermal conductivity by a factor of 2....

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Thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity of the Y- and Er-substituted 1:2:3 superconducting compounds in the vicinity of the transition temperature

A series of Er and Y sintered compounds were prepared and were subsequently tested for their thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. The transient plane source (TPS) technique was used for the thermal conductivity measurement. These compounds were designed for use as superconductors and the authors wanted to study the electron-phonon interaction near the vicinity of Tc....

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Low-temperature thermal conductivity measurement apparatus: design assembly, calibration and measurement on (Y123, Bi2223) superconductors

The transient plane source (TPS) technique was used for the measurement of thermal properties of superconductors at low temperatures. The superconductors explored include Y123 and Bi2223. One of the main goals of the work was to develop a system where measurements could be made in the temperature range from 84 - 293 K....

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Measurement of Thermal Transport Properties with an Improved Transient Plane Source Technique

A modification was made to the transient plane source (TPS) technique for the measurement of thermal transport properties at low temperatures (as low as 80 K). This altered TPS technique was then used to measure the properties of known samples in the form of fused silica, carbon steel and halide crystals. Data were obtained from room temperature down to 80 K. The newly modified method gave experimental results that agreed well with ...

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