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Enhanced thermally conductivity and mechanical properties of polyethylene (PE)/boron nitride (BN) composites through multistage stretching extrusion

This study aimed to enhance the thermal and mechanical properties of polyethylene (PE)/boron nitride (BN) composites by manipulating the BN concentrations in the matrix and by applying shear fields in laminating-multiplying elements (LMEs). A thermal constants analyzer measured the thermal conductivity of the PE/...

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Studies on Preparation and Property Researches of EP/SiC Thermal Conductivity Composites

Epoxy resin/silicon carbide (Ep/SiC) composites were prepared by the casting method and subsequently characterized for their mechanical and thermal properties. It was determined that an increasing mass fraction of SiC in the epoxy resin resulted in increasing thermal conductivity of the composites. Using 50 ...

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