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Dr. Alain Celzard

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While attending the University Henri Poincare (Nancy, France), Celzard received a Master’s Degree in Chemical Physics in 1992, and a PhD in Materials Science in 1995. Since 2005, Celzard has held the post of full-time professor at l’École Nationale Supérieure des Technologies et Industries du Bois, engineering school in Epinal, France. In 2010, Celzard was appointed as the Junior member of the University Institute of France. Celzard’s interests include applications in catalysis, depollution, energy and gas storage, with disordered, porous and related materials such as composites, nanoporous adsorbents and macroporous solid foams. Celzard has accomplished many academic achievements over the years, and has been awarded many honors at national and international levels. More recently, this is the second time that one of his PhD students has received the French Carbon Society Award, presented at the World Carbon Conference held by PennState, earlier in 2016.


Most Cited Thermal Conductivity Works:

Tailoring the structure of cellular vitreous carbon foams
Carbon, 50, 5 (2012) 2026-2036
X. Li, M.C. Basso, F.L. Braghiroli, V. Fierro, A. Pizzi, A. Celzard
New Tannin-lignin Aerogels
Industrial Crops and Products, 41, (2013) pp. 347-355
L.I. Grishechko, G. Amaral-Labat, A. Szczurek, V. Fierro, B.N. Kuznetsov, A. Pizzi, A. Celzard
Green, formaldehyde-free, foams for thermal insulation
Advanced Materials Letters, 2, 6 (2011) pp.378-382
Maria C. Basso , Xinjun Li, Vanessa Fierro, Antonio Pizzi, Samuele Giovando, Alain Celzard


Selection of Work by Dr. Alain Celzard

Closed-cell carbon foams from diphenolic acid-based polybenzoxazine
Carbon, 95 (2015) 919-929
Camilo Javier Zuniga Ruiz, Andrzej Szczurek, Alicia Martinez de Yuso Arisa, Juan Carlos Ronda, Virginia Cadiz, Vanessa Fierro, Alain Celzard
Highly mesoporous organic aerogels derived from soy and tannin
Green Chemistry, 14, (2012) pp 3099-3106
Gisele Amaral-Labat, Liudmila Grishechko, Andrzej Szczurek, Vanessa Fierro, Antonio Pizzi, Boris Kuznetsovb, Alain Celzard
Influence of formulation on the dynamics of preparation of tannin-based foams
Industrial Crops and Products, 51, (2013) pp. 396-400
M.C. Basso, A. Pizzic, A. Celzard
Modification of tannin based rigid foams using oligomers of a hyperbranched poly(amine-ester)
Journal of Polymer Research, 19, 21 (2012)
X. Li, H. A. Essawy, A. Pizzi, L. Delmotte, K. Rode, D. Le Nouen, V. Fierro, A. Celzard
Lignin-phenol-formaldehyde aerogels and cryogels
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 168, (2013) pp. 19-29
L.I. Grishechkoa, G. Amaral-Labata, A. Szczureka, V. Fierroa, B.N. Kuznetsovc, A. Celzard
Ultralow cost reticulated carbon foams from household cleaning pad wastes
Carbon, 62, (2013) pp. 517-520
P. Jana, V. Fierro, A. Celzard
Biomass-derived, thermally conducting, carbon foams for seasonal thermal storage
Biomass and Bioenergy, 67, (2014) pp. 312-318
P. Jana, V. Fierro, A. Pizzi, A. Celzard