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HFM-25 Applications

Aerogel Blanket

Thermal conductivity of Aerogel insulation of 9.58 mm thick from Aspen Aerogels was measured with the Thermtest HFM-25

HFM-25, , Insulation

Aerogel Tiles

Thermal Conductivity of Aerogel Tiles Measured by Steady-State vs. Transient Techniques

HFM-25, , Insulation

Compressible Materials

Measuring the thermal conductivity of two compressible materials, pillow and a fibreglass sample.

HFM-25, , Construction

Fiberglass and Plasterboard

Measuring the thermal conductivity of homogeneous fiberglass and heterogeneous plasterboard.

HFM-25, , Construction

Fibrous Glass Board

Testing Homogeneity of Fibrous Glass Board (NIST 1450D) with HFM-25 portable heat flow meter.

HFM-25, , Construction

NIST 1450C, 1450D and 1450E

In this experiment, the thermal conductivity of reference materials NIST 1450C, 1450D and 1450E was measured with the HFM-25.

HFM-25, , Construction


Thermal Resistance & Thermal Conductivity of Leather, Synthetic Leather, and Insulating Fabric

HFM-25, , Insulation

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