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Portable Thermal Conductivity Meters

Portable Thermal Conductivity Meters

April 27, 2023

Thermtest portable conductivity meters are designed for convenience and simplicity while also providing accurate results with powerful instruments. Thermtest’s featured portable meters include the TPS-3, HFM-25, THW-L2, TLS-100, MP-2, and TPS-EFF.


The transient plane source (TPS-3) is designed for testing the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of solids, pastes and powders for customers with a limited budget. The TPS-3 includes the standard TPS Sensor and software for use in combination with the Keithley 2400/2401 Source Meter. The TPS-3 can be offered as a package with a Keithley meter.

Transient Plane Source-3 (TPS-3).

Figure 1. Transient Plane Source-3 (TPS-3).



The Heat Flow Meter-25 is a portable meter for the measurement of thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of small samples of insulation and construction materials. It is widely used as it is relatively simple in concept, rapid, and applicable to a wide range of materials. The Heat Flow Meter-25 establishes steady state one-dimensional heat flux through a test specimen between two parallel plates at constant but different temperatures.

Heat Flow Meter-25 (HFM-25).

Figure 2. Heat Flow Meter-25 (HFM-25).



The Thermtest Transient Hot Wire (THW-L2) Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is a compact and advanced measurement system for direct determination of the thermal conductivity for liquids and pastes. The THW-L2 Meter was designed with speed and operational simplicity in mind. With a single measurement of one second (1 s) in duration, small volumes of liquids, pastes and small particle powders can be accurately and precisely measured. The THW_l2 sensor is fully inserted into an isothermal sample, and measurements are made with the push of a button, volumes as small as 15 mL can be tested.

Transient Hot Wire Liquid thermal conductivity meter (THW-L2).

Figure 3. Transient Hot Wire Liquid thermal conductivity meter (THW-L2).



The TLS-100 is a portable, lightweight handheld instrument, allowing for simple and accurate measurements of thermal conductivity and thermal resistivity of soils, among other materials, in the field or the laboratory. The TLS-100 was designed with ease and convenience in mind, for testing soils and other soft materials with an excellent accuracy of ±5% and reproducibility of ±2%. With the addition of the TLS-100 Rock Needle Kit, measurements on rock and concrete samples can be easily accomplished.

TLS-100 portable thermal conductivity meter.

Figure 4. TLS-100 portable thermal conductivity meter.



The MP-2 is a portable, lightweight handheld instrument that is compatible with a variety of sensors that perform simple and accurate measurements of thermal properties, in the field or the laboratory. The various primary sensors that are controlled by the MP-2 are designed to conform to the ASTM standard associated with the respective method. The MP-2 controller auto-detects the connected sensor and loads corresponding testing parameters. Measurements are easily performed with the smart on-board software and transferred to a computer with an included Windows utility program.

Portable Measurement Platform (MP-2).

Figure 5. Portable Measurement Platform (MP-2).


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