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Experimental measurement of hermetic edge seal’s thermal conductivity for the thermal transmittance prediction of triple vacuum glazing

The transient plane source (TPS) method was used to measure the thermal conductivity of two hermetic edge-sealing materials by using the Thermal Constants Analyser. Two materials were studied, the Cerasolzer CS186 alloy and the J-B Weld epoxy-steel resin. They were measured, and the TPS technique was validated by obtaining the thermal conductivity values of mild-steel and indium and comparing them to the available literature values. The thermal conductivity was measured ...


The use of slag stone concrete to improve the thermal performance of light steel buildings

The purpose of this article was to investigate the thermal performance of light steel structures. Responsible and sustainable building practices are becoming the norm, and light steel can provide a good alternative to other construction materials. However, it is important that the finished building has good thermal management characteristics to reduce energy consumption. The authors of this study looked at the thermal characteristics of buildings fabricated from a combination of ...

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Use of silicon carbide sludge to form porous alkali-activated materials for insulating application

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, the construction industry is investing more in 'green' concretes and insulation materials. The purpose of this research was to create a porous foam using a geopolymer mixture and varying amounts of silica carbide sludge. By changing the amount of the sludge added, researchers could control what type of microstructure was produced. The effect of this variation on porosity and thermal properties was ...

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