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Synergistic Effects and Modeling of Thermally Conductive Resins for Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate Applications

Conductive carbon fillers (carbon black, carbon fiber, and synthetic graphite particles) were added to Vectra A950RX liquid crystal polymer and the axial and radial thermal conductivities were determined experimentally for each composite. The addition of Thermocarb TC-300 synthetic graphite caused the largest increase in thermal conductivity, with in-plane thermal conductivity values reaching greater than 20 W/m K which is the minimum value for use in fuel cells. Mathematical models ...


A nano-graphite/paraffin phase change material with high thermal conductivity

Nano-graphite (NG)/paraffin composites were prepared as composite phase change materials. The addition of NG increased the thermal conductivity of the composite material. The material containing 10% NG had a thermal conductivity of 0.9362 W/mK...