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Thermal Conductivity Measurement Instruments

Thermal Conductivity Measurement Instruments

April 26, 2023

Thermtest Inc. is positioned as an international leader in thermal analysis instruments for a diverse range of markets. These laboratory instruments are designed to improve the efficiency and speed of any laboratory by automating experiments and analysis. Thermtest featured laboratory instruments include the MP-V, MP-1, THW-L1, HFM-50 and HFM-100, and GHFM-01.


The Measurement Platform-Versatile (MP-V) is a unique laboratory instrument to perform quick and accurate thermal property measurements of solids, pastes, liquids, and powders with the Transient Plane Source (TPS) and Transient Hot Wire (THW) methods. There is a selection of TPS and THW sensors compatible with the MP-V that adhere to their corresponding ASTM standards including the MPTS sensor, TPS sensor, TLS sensors, and THW sensors. The MP-V features the proprietary intelligent transient plane source (iTPS) function that automates ideal test parameters for each sample with minimal user input.

Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V).

Figure 1. Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V).



The Measurement Platform (MP-1) is designed to test the absolute thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of solids, liquids, pastes and powders with the combination of the transient plane source (TPS, ISO 22007-2) and transient hot wire (THW, ASTM D7896-19) methods. The versatility of the MP-1 can be expanded with the addition of Thermtests proprietary Temperature Platforms (TPS-TP, THW-TP) for versatility and efficiency in the laboratory.

Thermtest Measurement Platform MP-1

Figure 2. Measurement Platform (MP-1) with Transient Plane Source Room Temperature Stand (TPS-RT), Transient Hot Wire Temperature Platform (THW-TP), and Transient Plane Source Temperature Platform (TPS-TP)


The transient hot wire (THW-L1) is a laboratory equipment designed specifically for the direct determination of thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity and specific heat capacity of liquids, pastes, and powders. The Thermtest Transient Hot Wire (THW-L1) Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter features an auto-detect power function that determines optimal power to test each sample at for ease of use. THW-L1 measurements are done in a quick 1 second measurement.

Transient Hot Wire Liquid thermal conductivity meter (THW-L1).

Figure 3. Transient Hot Wire Liquid thermal conductivity meter (THW-L1).



The Heat Flow Meter-100 and Heat Flow Meter-50 are steady-state thermal conductivity instruments for the measurement of insulation products, construction materials, packaging, and assemblies. The Heat Flow Meter is widely used as it is relatively simple in concept, rapid, and applicable to a wide range of materials. The standard temperature range of the HFM series is -20 to 75ᵒC, which can be expanded up to 110ᵒC with the high temperature HFM. The HFM-100/50 establishes steady state one-dimensional heat flux through a test specimen between two parallel plates at constant but different temperatures. HFM-50 is able to accommodate smaller sample sizes while providing the same accurate and efficient results as the HFM-100.

Heat Flow Meter-50 (HFM-50, left), and Heat Flow Meter-100 (HFM-100, right).

Figure 4. Heat Flow Meter-50 (HFM-50, left), and Heat Flow Meter-100 (HFM-100, right).



The Guarded Heat Flow Meter-01 is a powerful instrument that is relatively simple in concept, rapid, and applicable to a wide range of materials. The GHFM-01 follows ASTM E1530-19 for testing thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of solids, such as metals, polymers, and composites. The method employed uses a guard to limit lateral heat loss while establishing a steady-state temperature gradient through the thickness of the material. The GHFM-01 is designed to test the thermal resistance and thermal conductivity of both homogenous and heterogeneous materials. Standard sample dimensions of 2-inch diameter and thickness up to 1 inch are placed between two plates at a delta temperature of 20 to 30ᵒC.  Flux is recorded until steady-state condition is met, which measures thermal resistance across the thickness of the sample.

Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM-01).

Figure 5. Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM-01).


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