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Testing Thermal Conductivity of Liquids

For testing the thermal conductivity of liquids, the most important variable to control is convection. The instrument must have the sensitivity to sense a low power heat signal, to avoid convection effects.

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J. Thomas Light

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc.

“We are impressed by the accuracy and repeatability of the Thermtest equipment and appreciate the care and respect given to our testing projects. Your reports are delivered in a timely and professional manner and we highly recommend you to those needing thermal conductivity analysis of fluids.”

Thermtest Transient Hot Wire

As the Transient Hot Wire is designed for testing only liquids, the sensitivity and heat signal is optimized to limit the effects of convection, making it the most accurate method of measuring the thermal conductivity of liquids. Also, a back pressure can be added to test beyond the boiling point.

Materials Liquids and Pastes
Thermal Conductivity Range 0.01 to 2 W/mK
Directional Measurement Bulk
Temperature Range -50°C to 400°C
Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
Standard ASTM D7896-14


Hot Disk

The Hot Disk does an excellent job of testing liquids as the power and time setting may be reduced to limit the effects of convection.

Materials Solids, Liquids, Paste and Powder
Thermal Conductivity Range 0.005 to 1800 W/mK
Directional Measurement Bulk, Through-thickness and In-plane
Temperature Range -160°C to 1000 °C
Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
Standard ISO/DIS 22007-2.2

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