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Thermal model and measurements of polymer laser sintering

Thermal conductivity measurements were performed on nylon-12 powder over the temperature range from 40-170oC. The thermal conductivity was found to increase linearly over this temperature range. These measurements were performed in order to help better understand how properties of the powder change throughout the process of laser sintering. A one-dimensional model of the thermal energy transport in the powder bed was developed, and it was found to be qualitatively ...

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Transient plane source technique for measurement of thermal conductivity of U and T91 for fast reactor application 

Thermal conductivity is one of the most important properties of fuel and cladding material. In this study, the thermal conductivity of uranium and T91 steel were measured using the transient plane source (TPS) method. Results showed that the thermal conductivity of T91 increased gradually to a point, then decreased. Fast reacting cladding materials require high thermal conductivities, and T91 was found to have higher conductivities than other commercial materials. As ...

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Experimental study on thermo physical properties of capillary wicks for loop heat pipe 

In this study, loop heat pipe capillary wicks were prepared and the transient plane source (TPS) method measured the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of the samples. The results showed that thermal conductivity increased with porosity, but porosity seemingly had no effect on diffusivity and specific heat....

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