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Thermoelectric and Magnetic Properties of Ca0.98RE0.02MnO3d (RE = Sm, Gd, and Dy)

Samples of Ca0.98RE0.02MnO3- delta (RE = Sm, Gd, and Dy) were tested for their thermoelectric and magnetic properties. It was determined that 2% doping at the Ca site with rare-earth elements reduced the electrical resistivity and thermal conductivity in comparison to the undoped material....

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Effect of Thermal Interface on Heat Flow in Carbon Nanofiber Composites

The authors have presented a study on the effect of interface thermal resistance on thermal conductivity in carbon nanofiber (CNF) composites. Upon measuring the thermal conductivities of nanocomposites with varying filler concentrations, it was found that the measured thermal conductivities were much lower than those predicted for a nanocomposite in which thermal resistance at CNF-matrix interfaces was negligible. A computational study on interface thermal resistance was then performed. It was ...

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