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Keyword: Heat transfer enhancement

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Enhancement of Heat Transfer Coefficient using Fe₂O₃-Water Nanofluids

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A detailed development of a local heat transfer probe specifically designed for analyzing nanofluids. In this paper iron oxide is used as a test subject to determine the accuracy of ...

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Review of latent heat thermal energy storage for improved material stability and effective load management

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This article reviewed the use of phase change materials (PCM) as thermal energy storages (TES) as they can be used to substitute large-scale energy demand and assist both economically and ...

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Selection principles and thermophysical properties of high temperature phase change materials for thermal energy storage: A review

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This article examined the capacity of phase change materials (PCM) to act as phase change thermal energy storages (TES). The review also investigated the thermophysical properties of high temperature PCMs, ...

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Heat transfer enhancement of Al2O3-H2O nanofluids flowing through a micro heat sink with complex structure

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Nanofluids are used in heat sink applications to improve the rate of heat dissipation and reduce temperature gradients in electronics. This study specifically examined the thermal properties of Al2O3...

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