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A review on modeling of the thermal conductivity of polymeric nanocomposites

This article explored the recent discoveries that have been made regarding the thermal conductivity of polymeric nanocomposites. The thermal conductivities were found using several methods: comparative method, laser flash method, stable state method, the "two thermometer-one heater" method, line-source method and transient plane source (TPS) ...


Effect of surfactant and electron treatment on the electrical and thermal conductivity as well as thermal and mechanical properties of ethylene vinyl acetate/expanded graphite composites

One way to improve thermal and electrical conductivity of conventional polymers is by combining polymer matrices with highly conductive fillers. This study involves an analysis of electrical and thermal conductivities of nonirradiated and irradiated samples of ethylene vinyl acetate 18 (EVA18) containing expanded graphite (EG) or ...

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