Argentina Thermal Conductivity Instrument Equipment Meter Distributor
CAS Instrumental SRL

Ibera 2990 (CP C1429CMT)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tel: (011) 3220-1416
Tel: (011) 4544-4011
Fax: (011) 4546-2200

Your Authorized Thermal Conductivity Measurement System Distributor in Argentina

With more than 30 years of expertise in the sales and service of analytical instruments for particle characterization, Thermtest is pleased to collaborate with CAS Instrumental to offer our entire lineup of  thermal conductivity instruments. Located in Buenos Aires, CAS specializes in the commercialization of high precision analytical instruments for research, development, and quality control.

As a representative for some of the most prestigious global brands, CAS strives to provide its clients with superior service and training. With a state-of-the-art application laboratory and an experienced technical department trained in the installation of equipment and after sales services, CAS offers workshops, seminars, and instrument demonstrations to their customers.  

Servicing Argentina, CAS currently distributes four of Thermtest’s Thermophysical Instruments; the Heat Flow Meter (HFM-100), the Transient Hot Wire Apparatus (THW-L2), the Hot Disk Transient Plane Source (TPS), and the Portable Thermal Conductivity/Resistivity Meter (TLS-100). With a unique combination of advanced thermal conductivity testing equipment, users can analyze thermal properties for a variety of applications, including construction materials, polymers, and electronics.

CAS Instrumental – Argentina’s thermal conductivity testing solution.

Looking for Thermal Conductivity Instruments in Argentina?

CAS Instrumental SRL

Ibera 2990 (CP C1429CMT)
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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