BD Inventions Thermal Conductivity Distributor in Greece

Giannitson 31, Balkan Center
GR-546 27 Thessaloniki

Tel: +30231 2207188

Your Authorized Thermal Conductivity Measurement System Distributor in Greece

BD Inventions is a newly founded start-up company which targets on Research and Development. Our driving goal is to provide products that meet and exceed customer’s requirements. By working in close collaboration with our customers, we can ensure that we provide not only a technologically advanced product, but also a value chain through the whole process. Premium products along with excellent technical support help our customers to achieve their goals.

New Technology. Rapidly to Market.

BD Inventions philosophy is to provide the very latest and innovative technologies that are required by our customers for their efficiency improvement.

Servicing Greece, BD Inventions distributes six of Thermtest’s products; The Portable Thermal Conductivity/Thermal Resistivity Meter (TLS-100), the Transient Hot Wire Apparatus’ (THW-L1 and THW-L2), the Thermal Effusivity Meter (TPS-EFF), the Guarded Heat Flow Meter (GHFM-02), and the Heat Flow Meter (HFM-100).

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Giannitson 31, Balkan Center
GR-546 27 Thessaloniki

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