May 29, 2014

ASTM has recently approved standard test method D7896-14 for Thermal Conductivity, Thermal Diffusivity and Volumetric Heat Capacity of Engine Coolants and Related Fluids by the Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Method. This standard test method is written based on the Thermtest THW Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter.

The new ASTM Test Method was created by ASTM sub-committee D15.22 for Non-Aqueous Coolants in collaboration between Evans Cooling Systems and Thermtest Inc.

About the Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter

Thermal Conductivity Blog Blog May29 2014


Thermtest Transient Hot Wire Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter

The Thermtest THW Liquid Thermal Conductivity Meter is an advanced analytical instrument for the direct measurement of thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of liquids and pastes. The THW Meter was designed with speed and operational simplicity in mind. With a single measurement of 0.8 seconds in duration, small volumes of liquids and pastes are accurately and precisely measured for thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity.

The THW Meter uses a transient or non-stationary measurement approach in conjunction with rapid test times to minimize any convective effects for samples with a wide range of viscosities (0.1 to 10000 mPas) over a large range of pressures (0 to 35 bars) and temperatures (up to 400°C).

The THW Meter operates as a stand-alone system with the use of integrated results display or as PC controlled bench top system using the THW software. The software provides the option of automation of temperatures with the use of an optional circulating liquid bath or dry submerge bath. Measurement results are easily exported to Microsoft Excel for further data processing and analysis

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