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Thermal Conductivity of Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30

Heat sinks play a crucial role in the electronics industry by effectively dissipating heat generated by microprocessors and integrated circuits. However, achieving optimal thermal contact between these components can be challenging due to microscopic surface roughness and non-planarity. The presence of air pockets between the contact surfaces impedes efficient heat transfer. To address this issue, the use of Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) has become prevalent. These materials enhance thermal coupling between the components, ensuring an efficient heat conduction path. One such TIM is Parker Chomerics Therm-A-GapTM Gel 30, a single-component gel with exceptional thermal conductivity and versatile application capabilities.


Understanding Therm-A-GapTM Gel 30TM

Therm-A-GapTM Gel 30 finds extensive application across various industries, including microprocessors, automotive, and semiconductor sectors. Renowned for its optimal flow rate, high thermal conductivity, and impressive temperature stability, Gel 30TM is widely used as a high-performance gap filler in automotive and electronic applications. In this article, we delve into the thermophysical properties of Therm-A-GapTM Gel 30 to gain deeper insights into its capabilities.


Equipment and Materials

To accurately measure the thermal conductivity (W/m·K), thermal diffusivity (mm2/s), and volumetric specific heat (MJ/m3K) of Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30 paste, we employed the Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V) equipped with a Modified Transient Plane Source (MTPS) sensor and a custom-designed paste cell. The MP-V is specifically designed to test various materials, including solids, liquids, pastes, and powders. It combines the transient plane source method (TPS, ISO 22007-2) and the transient hot-wire (THW, ASTM D7896-19) method, offering a wide range of sensor options suitable for isotropic, anisotropic, slab, and one-dimensional materials in asymmetric configurations.


The Unique Properties of Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30

Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30 is a fully cured, single-component TIM that eliminates the need for multiple pad parts, simplifying the application process. At room temperature, Gel 30 exhibits a pink paste-like consistency, with a density of 3.2 g/cc and a flow rate of 20g/min. It possesses exceptional long-term thermal stability and performance, making it highly suitable for memory and power modules, microprocessors, flat panel displays, and automotive electronic control units. Moreover, Gel 30 offers low thermal impedance for gaps of varying thicknesses, enabling its use in a wide range of bond line thicknesses and multiple device applications.


Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V)

The MP-V provides an array of testing options, including measuring the absolute thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat, and thermal effusivity of solids, liquids, pastes, and powders. This is made possible through the combination of the transient plane source (TPS, ISO 22007-2) and transient hot-wire (THW, ASTM D7896-19) methods, along with a variety of compatible sensors.

Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V)

Figure 1. Measurement Platform Versatile (MP-V)

A Closer Look at Transient Methods

Transient methods share a common theoretical framework with slight variations based on their primary design. The sensors are electrically connected to a power supply and sensing circuit, through which a current passes, leading to a temperature increase. This temperature rise is recorded over time. The generated heat then diffuses into the sample at a rate determined by its thermal transport characteristics.


The Power of Intelligent Transient Plane Source (iTPS)

The MP-V introduces the proprietary intelligent Transient Plane Source (iTPS) function, designed to automate testing and analysis. With iTPS, only the sample name and dimensions are required as user input, and the appropriate sensor and test parameters for each individual sample are automatically determined.


The MTPS Sensor: Enabling Precise Measurements

The Modified Transient Plane Source Sensor (MTPS) comprises a TPS sensor with known backing insulation, housed in a rugged single-sided configuration. This unique design integrates intelligent sensor technology with advanced measurement capabilities, enabling the generation of bulk and directional properties for all materials. The MTPS sensor is capable of testing isotropic, anisotropic, slab, and one-dimensional samples.

MTPS sensor and paste cell sample set up

Figure 2. MTPS sensor and paste cell sample setup.


Unveiling the Thermal Conductivity of Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30

Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30’s thermal conductivity was measured in the asymmetric configuration using the absolute MTPS sensor and paste cell. Through the proprietary iTransient Plane Source (iTPS) application, optimal measurement parameters of 3s and 110mW were determined, ensuring appropriate temperature rise and accurate, repeatable results. The extended sensor correction method was employed to measure and eliminate the contact resistance between the sensor and the sample, guaranteeing precise calculations and analysis.


Table 1. Thermophysical measurements of Therm-A-GapTM Gel 30.

Temperature (ᵒC) Thermal Conductivity (W/m·K) Thermal Diffusivity (mm2/s) Volumetric Specific Heat (MJ/m3K)
23 3.433 1.271 2.658
3.409 1.263 2.769
3.388 1.255 2.680
3.387 1.255 2.851
3.422 1.267 2.712
Mean 3.408 1.262 2.734
Standard Deviation 0.020 0.007 0.078
%RSD 0.6 0.6 2.8

Therm-A-GapTM Gel 30, iTPS Parameters: 3 sec. 110 mW, 23°C, n=5.



Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30 demonstrates excellent thermal stability and impressive thermal conductivity of gel, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Through our investigation of its thermophysical properties, we found that Therm-A-Gap™ Gel 30 exhibits a thermal conductivity of 3.408 W/m·K. With its exceptional performance, Gel 30 proves to be a valuable solution for enhancing heat transfer efficiency in diverse industries.


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