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Announcement: Thermal Conductivity- A New Perspective

Announcement: Thermal Conductivity- A New Perspective

December 4, 2015

Here at Thermtest thermal conductivity is paramount, our goal is to aid research and development in a wide range of applications through efficient and accurate thermal property measurement. Nonetheless, we recognize the fact that most people do not find thermal conductivity as exciting as we do. However, what many may not realize is that we all encounter thermal conductivity everyday; it influences the clothes that we wear, the appliances we use in our kitchens, and the performance of the electronics we entertain ourselves with. 

Thermtest is excited to announce that we will be starting a new series on our blog focused on how thermal conductivity influences the world around us, so that everyone has the opportunity to learn about thermal conductivity in a way that is interesting to them. Thermtest realizes that through our blog, we have the opportunity to be a resource on thermal conductivity to people outside of academia and industry. Recently, Thermtest launched a program to provide educational kits on thermal conductivity to a number of grade school teachers and we were thrilled with the positive response we received. In the continued spirit of thermal education, we hope that you will follow our new Thermal Conductivity Perspectives series, and enjoy reading about topics that are engaging while also learning a little bit about the science behind Thermtest.


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