TPS Sample Holders

Thermal Conductivity TPS Accessories Standard Sample Holder

TPS Standard Sample Holder

Standard Sample Holder & Hood, which is included with TPS 2500 S, TPS 2200 and TPS 1500. On the TPS 500S and TPS 500, the hood is optional. The TPS Standard Sample Holder may be upgraded to test up to 750°C.

The standard holder may also be used with Standard Oven 1 for temperatures up to 300°C (Air) and 400°C (N), when combined with the High temperature TPS PEEK sensor adapter. When combined with the TPS Macor Sensor Adaptor, the TPS Sample Holder can be used up to 750°C.

TPS High Temperature Sample Holder and Cables

TPS High Temperature Sample Holder & Cables

The high temperature sample holder is designed for use with the Standard Furnace 2 (up to 500°C) or your own oven. This sample holder can be used with your choice of glass fiber insulation (for temperatures below 500°C) or insulation with ceramic rings (for temperatures above 500°C). The sample holder is available in the basic two-wire or four-wire connections.

For temperatures above 500°C or in N / vacuum, the tube furnace may be used for temperatures up to 1000°C.

Thermal Conductivity TPS Accessories Compression Stand

TPS Compression Stand with Force and Thickness Gauge

The TPS Compression Stand with Force and Thickness Gauge / Monitoring offers the ability to precisely measure the pressure and thickness applied to compressible materials or powders. Force measurements can be auto-recorded with use of optional USB to PC communication.

Option 1: 0.5N capacity with resolution of 0.0005N
Option 2: 500N capacity with 0.5N of resolution.
Device can be used with TPS Powder cell as well.
The TPS Compression Stand can be used with Heat Exchanger for testing from -50°C / -40°C to 200°C in air or N environment.

Thermal Conductivity TPS Accessories High Pressure Compression Stand

TPS High Pressure Compression Stand

The stand-alone high pressure stand uses hydraulic pressure to test samples up to pressures.

Pressure: up to 10000 PSI.
Stand may also be used with TPS PEEK-A 4-wire High Temperature Adaptor.