34th International Thermal Conductivity Conference and 22nd International Thermal Expansion Symposium

These two conferences are held concurrently every two years. This conference will feature thermal conductivity and thermal expansion topics, as well as all thermophysical properties for materials, techniques, and applications.

Thermtest will be attending the ITCC 34/ITES 22 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA on June 17-20, 2019. The following topics will be presented by Dale Hume, Thermtest President and Dr. Sofia Mylona, Principal Research Scientist.

Date/Time Topic
June 19th – 9:40 am Thermal Effusivity: The Heat Transfer Enigma by Dale Hume
June 19th – 2:00 pm Transient Hot Wire technique: Single vs Two-wire instrument by Dr. Sofia Mylona
June 20th – 9:10 am Comparison of the Thermal Conductivity Results of 10 Common Liquids with the Use of Different Devices Thermal by Dr. Sofia Mylona

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For more info about the conference, visit thermalconductivity.org