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    Testing Thermal Conductivity of Powders

    The testing of powders is a difficult measurement, due to the contact resistance created by loose solids.

    Thermal Conductivity Customer Comment Heat Flow MeterMethod Used:
    Heat Flow Meter

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    Transient Plane Source

    The equipment has the unique ability to be able to test thermal conductivity on powders of small and large particles. This is due to the method having a variety of sensor diameters and variable test times. The sensor sizes and test times may be increased as the particle size increases to create better contact between the sensor and sample.

    Materials Solids, Liquids, Paste and Powder
    Thermal Conductivity Range 0.005 to 1800 W/mK
    Directional Measurement Bulk, Through-thickness and In-plane
    Temperature Range -160°C to 1000 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
    Standard ISO/DIS 22007-2.2


    Transient Line Source

    The TLS is specially designed for testing the thermal conductivity of of loose materials such as soil and sand.

    Materials Soil and Soft Materials
    Thermal Conductivity Range 0.1 to 5 W/mK
    Directional Measurement Bulk
    Temperature Range -50°C to 100 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 5%, 2%
    Standard ASTM D5334


    Heat Flow Meter

    The Heat Flow Meter can be used to measure the thermal conductivity of loose material if the particles are small.

    Materials Solids and Loose Materials
    Thermal Conductivity Range 0.001 to 0.5 W/mK
    Directional Measurement Bulk
    Temperature Range -20°C to 75 °C
    Accuracy, Repeatability 3%, 1%
    Standard ASTM C518


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