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Measurements of Building Materials by Transient Method

This paper highlights the use of the transient plane source (TPS) technique to test the thermal properties of porous building materials, such as autoclaved aerated concrete and calcium silicate boards reinforced by cellulose fibers. Transient methods relay multiple thermophysical parameters, such as thermal diffusivity, specific heat, and thermal conductivity, all in one measurement – a highly sought after trait. Measurements were performed to compare the transient method to other methods of ...

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Parameter estimations for measurements of thermal transport properties with the thermal constants analyzer

This article analyzes the basic criteria for determining experimental times to use in thermal conductivity experiments, using the thermal constants analyzer. Researchers have determined an interval to which test times correlate, for accurate thermal conductivity and diffusivity results. During this research, scientists also determined the possibility of testing both thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity from one single measurement. Throughout this experiment, the researchers also expanded on the theory, calculations and ...

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