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In situ characterization of metal hydride thermal transport properties

In this article, the thermal properties and characteristics of a metal hydride alloy in a high hydrogen pressure environment were determined. An instrument was used to determine the thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of oxidized and activated Ti1.1CrMn powder under high hydrogen pressures. In doing so, the thermal conductivity of the oxidized powder increased from 0.80 W/m∙K to 1.6 W/m∙K, with increasing hydrogen pressure (from ...

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Advanced Transient Plane Source Method for the Measurement of Thermal Properties of High Pressure Metal Hydrides

This article described an experimental set up using the TPS instrument and a high pressure vessel to enable researchers to accurately measures the thermal conductivity of metal hydrides as a function of pressure. Metal hydrides have promise in applications of hydrogen storage in the auto industry, however a better understanding of their thermal properties is required. The authors investigated thermal conductivity, diffusivity, specific heat and thermal contact resistance. Experimental trials ...

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In situ characterization of metal hydride thermal transport properties

The thermal transport properties of Ti1.1CrMn powder were determined. This metal hydride shows promise for use in hydrogen storage applications due to its excellent cold-start properties. The thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat of oxidized and activated powder samples of this metal hydride were determined using the transient plane source technique in a high pressure vessel. It was found that the effective thermal conductivity of the samples showed ...

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Transient plane source method for thermal property measurements of metal hydrides

The purpose of this study was to analyze the thermal properties of metal hydride for its application in hydrogen storage systems. The thermal properties of metal hydride were measured using the Thermal Property Analyzer based on the transient plane source (TPS) method. To verify the accuracy of the TPS method, the thermal properties of stainless steel pellets were measured prior to the metal hydride samples. Unfortunately, the thermal behavior of ...

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Study of heat transfer and kinetics parameters influencing the design of heat exchangers for hydrogen storage in high-pressure metal hydrides

The development of hydrogen storage materials for use in light-duty vehicles is investigated in this paper, which is still a ways off until commercial use. High-pressure metal hydrides (HPMH) are specifically studied here, at varying temperatures. The transient plane source (TPS) technique is used to measure the thermal conductivity and specific heat of the prepared hydride materials. Porosity and density are also important physical factors to consider when dealing with ...

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