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Rapid fabrication of aluminum shoe mold using vacuum sealed casting process

The authors present a method of preparing an aluminum shoe mold by a novel process called vacuum sealed casting. It was determined that the prototype shoe should be made of a resin, and then the mold should be made of aluminum. A composite resin was chosen such that the thermal conductivity, dimension accuracy, and wear resistance were greater than those of the pristine resin. The use of the aluminum mold ...

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Evaluation for micro scale structures fabricated using epoxy-aluminum particle composite and its application

This research studied the addition of aluminum particles to an epoxy material, for use in micro-scale structures. For our interests, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum-epoxy composite was compared to that of the epoxy alone. Particle size was also taken into consideration during testing. It was determined that the epoxy-aluminum composite has a higher thermal conductivity, than the epoxy alone. Also noted, the larger the particle size, the more thermally ...

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