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Aggregate’s influence on thermophysical concrete properties at elevated temperature

The thermal and physical properties of concrete were investigated at high temperature to determine how these properties might change in the event of a fire. The influence of the type and content of aggregate was also investigated. It was found that the degradation and mass loss of concretes depends on the type of aggregate used. It was also determined that the porosity of concretes increases as temperature increases, and that ...

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Influence of the nature of aggregates on the behaviour of concrete subjected to elevated temperature 

In this paper, the physical characteristics of concretes containing three types of aggregates were examined under high temperatures. A thermal analyzer measured the thermal conductivity of the concrete samples using the transient plane source (TPS) method. Results showed that the thermal conductivity of well-crystallized concretes had a stronger inverse relationship with temperature than the poorly-crystallized samples did. As well, high-performance concretes retained their thermally conductive properties better than normal concretes....

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